Royco (Unilever Kenya)

Iron Up Campaign

The Challenge

Royco has been committed to tackling the iron deficiency challenge in Kenya among women of a reproductive age in Kenya.

The new Royco cubes offer part of the solution, and our mission was to help change the behavior of millions of mothers and teenage girls by making nutritious cooking more desirable, easy to understand and affordable. We were also tasked with activating mother-daughter networks in Narok county, message reinforcement through demos in cookout events across the country, targeted sales in the same markets as events and landing listings with retailers.


We activated mother-daughter networks in Nark county, targeting 26% of the total women population. We did this through a 21-day Iron Up education, nutritious cooking demos, wet sampling, dry sampling and campus activations. We also went on a retailer listing drive, as well as activating mama mbogas.


The campaign was quite a success with a cumulative reach of 154% by October 2018, with penetration of the Royco Cubes increasing from 23% to 28% within the same period.

The KPIs for the cookouts were to reach at least 500 women per event in smaller cookouts, 700 in larger ones, wet sample at least 350 and dry sample 400. We not only reached, but surpassed these targets by over 9%.

For general trade, we had a 43% conversion rate within the outlets visited.

Total campaign reach
Conversion rate for general
Increase in product penetration