Darling (Godrej Kenya)

Hair Shows

The Challenge

The Kenyan fashion-forward consumer goes to stylists who are the experts, the artists, the endorsers - they are the influencers and play a vital role in consumer behavior.

These learnings proved that although the end customer is very important to the Brand, its usage is influenced by the stylists. They are seen as an authority and drive consumer choices and are thus the key to driving brand growth.

Our objective then was to Increase Darling’s equity and advocacy through tailor-made engagements with local salons and stylists. We also aimed to recognize, appreciate and reward them.


We aimed to win over the hair stylists, turning them into advocates of the brand. This was done by organizing hair shows where stylists were given an opportunity to showcase their hair styling innovations, drive the trial of new Darling hair extensions while enlisting brand support, and finally interact with the brand getting a chance to give their feedback on ways to improve the products.


The campaign was a success with 100% reach in key extension markets across Nairobi and a recorded 5.81% increase in units sold in June from numbers in May - this increased by 29.73% in August, exactly 2 months after the hair shows.

Reach in key markets in Nairobi
Increase in sales