What we do

Our pride comes from high impact creative strategies that resonate with targeted audiences. these strategies translate into increased brand or service uptake leading to positive behavior change and impact.

The methods we use involve working partnerships with clients, aiming to create and execute memorable communication campaigns.

Then key components in our delivery include;

  • Building brands through trial and creative engagements
  • Getting customers to sense, feel, think, act and relate to brands
  • Connecting with consumers where they live, work, shop and play versus talking to them from afar


To be the most creative and effective marketing solutions provider in Africa


To create strategic partnerships with clients through innovative brand strategies and effective project executions for optimal results

Core Purpose

We exist to help clients find and connect with their target audience through tailor made solutions that bring about positive change


HUE Creative is Hue Experiential’s creative and digital boutique. Our team has over 10 years experience working on multi-national brands across East Africa. We focus on delivering memorable concepts through;

  • Creative
  • Design & DTP
  • Digital strategy & execution
  • Packaging design
  • Events Design

The battle is always at the point of purchase. Our trade strategies focus on driving consumer engagements, trial and purchase. Our delivery areas include;

  • Designing consumer engagement concepts
  • Visibility concepts that stand out of the clutter
  • Recruitment, training and management of brand consultants
  • Nationwide executions that include logistics, project management and reporting

Hue Experiential has activated Modern and General trade in Kenya and Uganda for brands such as Pampers, Gillette, Camay, Ariel, Always, Pepsodent, Lifebuoy, Delmonte, Cerevita, Sony, VISA, NOKIA among others.

Great habits are best taught in the formative years especially during school times. Schools programs is a social marketing strategy used to build sustainable brands. Hue Experiential has worked with brands and organizations such as Blueband, Lifebuoy and Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) to promote behaviors that benefit society as well as targeted individuals

This is a mass market BTL channel. Roadshows and market storms provide an opportunity to reach and engage huge audiences on local market days using and edutainment approach (educating through entertainment).

Hue Experiential’s approach focuses on designing roadshows that entertain as well as put across key brand messages . The execution is further localized so that brands connect with the local audiences.

We have designed memorable roadshows and market storms for brands and organizations such as ARIEL, NOKIA, UHMG (Uganda Health Marketing Group), MALARIA CONSORTIUM, ROYCO CUBES among others.

3 out of every 5 women in most countries in East Africa is a member of an organized women group. They come together to offer financial, emotional and moral support. These groups are equally a great referral and influence network for brands, services and agendas aimed at impacting their communities positively.

Hue Experiential has been mobilizing, educating and recruiting Brand Evangelists for over 6 years in Kenya and Uganda. Evangelism marketing is an advanced form of Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) in which we help brands develop customers who believe so strongly in a particular product or service that they freely try to convince others to buy and use it. The customers become voluntary advocates, actively spreading the word on behalf of the company.

Some of the brands we have supported through women groups include; MPESA, MSHWARI, MAGGI SPICES, OLX and ROYCO CUBES.

At Hue Experiential, we work closely with brands to tailor the best solutions for their brands and services. This innovative and creative process has resulted in niche campaigns such as the P&G House Hold Academy as well as the Pampers Baby Showers. We are continuously pushing ourselves to think outside the box with the aim of helping brands connect with their consumers in the most relevant and memorable way possible.

“Through community mobilization and Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC), the experiential team has increased demand, uptake and retention of health services in our communities” Dr. Irumba Baker, the in-charge of Clinic Africa Medical Centre, Isingingiro, noted during a post-activation interview.

Currently, Hue Experiential Uganda is implementing the Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) – Social Marketing Activity (SMA); a project in which we offer experiential services to deliver SBCC messages, generate health products awareness, create demand and garner hype and excitement for family planning and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) products and services among hard-to-reach and vulnerable communities in 30 high fertility districts in Uganda.

We have deployed multi-level intervention strategies to execute the SMA project. Our strategy includes many different layers of communication and engagement i.e. large group edutainment, communication through creative arts and drama skits, capacity building through small group dialogue, and interpersonal communication and community linkages to the health care service providers. By combining these forms of communication, we are able to meet needs of the individuals on many different levels which reduces the barriers to access health services, by bringing information and services directly to the population in need. This helps communities to make informed decisions and health choices that improve the health status of life of people in rural Uganda.

Interpersonal Communication (IPC); this communication strategy is built on the understanding that individuals are influenced by many different socio-ecological factors, and that successful health communication interventions that contribute to behavior change must include interventions at multiple levels. In the SMA project, we deploy small-group health dialogues, gender specific discussions, drama skits, and large group edutainment to address critical gaps in knowledge, risk perceptions, and norms that affect the uptake of health services among the targeted communities.

At Hue Experiential, we plan, deliver and measure return on investment. Our one on one engagement with targeted consumers gives us the opportunity to collect customer feedback and measure impact of campaigns. Data collected enables us to extract insights that add value to ongoing and future brand strategies. We measure areas such as; brand/product preference, uptake and demographics

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